LAB282 welcomes ad hoc applications, as well as applications in response to specific calls that it may issue. Interested academics should first talk to both the LAB282 Expert in Residence (EIR) and a member of the Licensing and Ventures Group in Oxford University Innovation (OUI), the university’s technology transfer office, see contacts page.

How to Apply

Initial applications may be for Small Scale Awards (up to £50K to achieve basic proof of concept) or where appropriate, for Large Scale Awards (up to £250K and in exceptional cases, higher amounts). The application form is available via the link below, and should be submitted to the EIR following prior review and sign off by OUI and your Departmental Administrator. Please note that applications will only be accepted if they are accompanied by a fully costed proposal, which has been pre-approved by Research Services according to the standard grant application procedure.  

Award applications will be reviewed quarterly by the LAB282 Joint Steering Committee, and Large Scale Awards will require an in-person pitch.

The LAB282 Joint Steering Committee meets in March, June, September and December.

The next Joint Steering Committee meeting will be held on 6th September 2018, and the closing date for applications is 8th August 2018.