Name Department/Institute Therapeutic area Project title
Svetlana Reilly Cardiovascular Medicine Cardiovascular medicine Screening for hit compounds for the therapeutic purpose of treating cardiac fibrosis
Ben Davis Chemistry Anti-infectives Development of novel-mode anti-infectives
Gustavo Arruda Bezerra Nuffield Department of Medicine Anti-infectives Screening and characterization of small molecules targeting proteases for antibiotic development
Nicole Zitzmann Biochemistry Anti-infectives Towards a novel class of broad-spectrum antivirals
Shoumo Bhattacharya Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics Cardiovascular medicine Evasins as chemokine traps for myocarditis
Claus Nerlov/Mario Buono Weatherall Institute Oncology Development of inhibitors targeting retrograde signalling in cancer
Irina Udalova Kennedy Institute Inflammation & Immunity Developing inhibitor tool compounds to investigate the IRF5 pathway and inflammation
Ivan Ahel Sir William Dunn School of Pathology Anti-infectives Development of potent antibacterials against a novel toxin-antitoxin system
Kristijan Ramadan Oncology Oncology Development of a first in class protease inhibitor in the field of oncology
Ming Lei Pharmacology Cardiovascular medicine Development of a small molecule kinase activator as a drug candidate for the management of heart failure and cardiac hypertrophy
Paul Brennan Nuffield Department of Medicine Oncology Inhibition of a Histone Methyl Transferase for the treatment of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy
Beth Psaila/Adam Mead Weatherall Institute Oncology Megakaryocytes as novel cellular targets for myelofibrosis, a severe bone marrow disorder
David Vaux Sir William Dunn School of Pathology Neuroscience Amyloid oligomerisation inhibitors and microglial stabilisation
Cassandra Adams Nuffield Department of Medicine Musculoskeletal Pre-clinical development of a bromodomain inhibitor for the treatment of Dupuytren’s disease
Richard Williams Kennedy Institute Inflammation & Immunity Targeting the kynurenin pathway for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Kim Midwood Kennedy Institute Inflammation & Immunity Targeting endogenous inflammatory triggers to treat chronic inflammation
Kilian Huber Nuffield Department of Medicine Oncology Identification of first-in-class small molecule inhibitors as potential immunooncology therapeutics
Yoshi Itoh Kennedy Institute Musculoskeletal Development of stereotactic modifiers selective for the collagenolytic activity of a protease
Mark Coles/Chris Buckley Kennedy Institute Inflammation & Immunity Inhibiting tissue damage in rheumatoid arthritis through a first in class therapeutic antibody
Alison Simmons Weatherall Institute Inflammation & Immunity Therapeutic targeting of a novel cytokine in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 
George Tofaris Clinical Neurosciences Neuroscience Identification and development of novel PROTACs as a therapeutic strategy in Parkinson's disease
Monika Gullerova Pathology Oncology Identification of small molecules targeting the 53BP1 pathway as a new solution for PARPi resistance
Paul Brennan / Annette Von Delft NDM Oncology Pre-clinical development of a Histone Methyl Transferase Inhibitor for the treatment of Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN)
Krina Zondervan Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health Women's Health Pursuing a novel target in endometriosis
Deborah Goberdhan DPAG Oncology Selectively Reducing mTORC1-Mediated Growth by Transceptor Inhibition
Richard Wade-Martins DPAG Neuroscience High throughput screening by mass spectrometry for Friedreich's ataxia
Gillian Farnie NDORMS Oncology Development of a novel inhibitor for pre-clinical investigations in haematopoietic cancers
Ivan Ahel Pathology Oncology Discovery of inhibitors against a novel target to overcome PARPi resistance
Gustavo Arruda Bezerra NDM Metabolic disease Identification of novel inhibitors for the treatment of Classic Galactosemia
Mark Coles / Chris Buckley Kennedy Inflammation & Immunity Inhibiting the activation of pathogenic arthritic fibroblasts through a first-in-class inhibitor targeting a first-in-class ion channel
Liye Chen NDM Inflammation & Immunity Development of a novel inhibitor for pre-clinical investigations in inflammatory diseases
Christian Siebold NDM Oncology Development of novel inhibitors to overcome resistance mechanisms of existing anticancer therapies
Emily Flashman  Chemistry  Inflammation and Immunity  Identification of a small molecule inhibitor to treat acute inflammatory conditions
Jason Schnell Biochemistry  Anti-Infectives Inhibitors of protein aggregation for Influenza virus
Stuart Conway Chemistry  Oncology Discovery of bromodomain ligands
Ivan Ahel Pathology Oncology Discovery of inhibitors against a novel oncological target
Graham Ogg WIMM Inflammation and Immunity Identification of novel small molecule inhibitors to treat psoriasis